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Election Cyber Security: Securing Elections Against Cyber Threats

Improve your cyber defenses against election security threats with an ongoing and holistic program with world-class information, protection and threat response.

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Framing the Threat

Elections provide the prime opportunity for nation states, cyber criminals and bad actors to launch attacks that create chaos and harm federal, state and local government.

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Cyber espionage against key participants

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Attacks on critical election infrastructure


Influence activity to alter
public opinion

How Mandiant is Addressing the Challenge

Every election cycle provides an opportunity for governments of all sizes to improve their ability to prepare for cyber threats. An ongoing and holistic election security program helps organizations be better informed, protected and able to respond to the latest cyber threats.

Mandiant offers a unique combination of expertise across threat intelligence, services and solutions to empower customers to continually evolve to defend themselves against election threats.


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Data integrity and destruction

Computer Ransomware


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          Insider threats          

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Operations (IO)

Threat Intelligence

Mandiant Election Security Services

Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence helps identify Information Operations (IO) activity when there are attempts to influence or interfere with elections and can include cyber espionage, crime that affects infrastructure, information operations, and attacks on critical infrastructure. It also offers access to 24X7 monitoring for threats, vulnerabilities and operational risk.

Digital Risk Protection from Mandiant gives organizations visibility into their global attack surface and dark web activity, enabling them to neutralize threat actor campaigns before they impact the business. Mandiant can now provide a broad digital risk protection solution either via stand-alone self-managed SaaS products or via a comprehensive service.

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How to prepare, harden and test before an election event

Organizations should test controls and operations before an election event. To help them get prepared, Mandiant offers Incident Response Services and Retainers and compromise assessment services.

Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management generates a comprehensive view of an entire organization’s attack surface to fully map the entire environment and have visibility to all potential threats.

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How to maintain election security during the event

Organizations need to continuously validate and defend all their security controls during an election event. In addition to using tools put in place before the event, organizations can conduct red team and purple team exercises, test defenses with Mandiant Advantage Security Validation and hunt and monitor activity with Mandiant Advantage Managed Defense.

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How to respond, contain and remediate a security threat

Having the ability to quickly respond to an incident is an important way to help ensure election continuity. Mandiant Incident Response Retainer with onsite surge capabilities enable an organization to call upon Mandiant experts to contain the alert and provide recovery, restoration and follow up actions to help maintain election security.


SECURING THE VOTE: A Roadmap to Success

Join eRepublic, representatives from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, and Mandiant for a panel discussion as they share the critical actions state and local governments can take to mitigate impact and risk of election threats.

The expert panel will cover:

  • Up-to-date advice from experienced industry experts
  • Practical checklists for specific phases throughout the full election process
  • Valuable security features that must be included in any strategy

Hardening the Electoral Process: Supply Chain, Zero Trust and Insider Threats


What To Expect When You’re Electing: Preparing for Cyber Threats to the 2022 US Midterm Elections.



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