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Ukraine Crisis Resource Center

Mandiant has created a task force and initiated a Global Event to track the escalating crisis in Ukraine.

We believe the situation in the region has increased the cyber threat to our customers and community and
will share updated insights and guidance to our customers. 

M-Trends Report 2022

M-Trends 2022: Mandiant Special Report​

The 13th edition of M-Trends provides critical insights on ​trending attacker behaviors that help security teams improve ​security strategy, planning and investment.​

BlackRock White Logo
October 18, 2022 – Washington, D.C.

CyberOps Storytime: How BlackRock built a Threat Actor Detection Lifecycle

Speakers: Rebecca Quinn, VP Security Engineering, BlackRock and Pat McCoy, VP Managed Solutions, Mandiant

Investment management firm, BlackRock successfully operationalized threat intelligence and security controls testing with custom detections to confidently answer the question, “Are we prepared?” Hear this security leader’s story, as well as the other 70+ sessions and 80+ speakers at the mWISE Conference – a new security event curated by a program committee of industry experts without vendor influence.

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