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Fight evil with a multidisciplinary team of global cyber security experts

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Mitigate risk and minimize liability

Mandiant consultants work with the most skilled data security and privacy attorneys around the world to mitigate risk and shield our clients from liability resulting from cyber attacks. Mandiant also teams with the most reputable cyber insurance firms, ransomware negotiators, crisis communication firms, e-Discovery/Data Recovery experts and other specialized firms to assist our clients in containing financial and reputational risks associated with cyber security incidents. Learn more about Mandiant Cyber Risk Partners:

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Other Mandiant Partnership Types

Partners OverviewPartners Overview

Develop a tailored security posture with our Mandiant Partners ecosystem and be equipped with innovative security solutions, services and insights.

Service ProvidersService Providers

Mandiant works with service providers and channel partners to provide tailored security solutions that protect customers and improve their profitability.

Service ProvidersTechnology Partners

Mandiant works with industry-leading security controls providers to deliver advanced protection for our customers through our technology ecosystem.

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