Fear of Missing Incidents – The Battle for Security Analysts

Mar 25, 2020
55 Min
Security Operations/SOC

The cybersecurity community is no stranger to alert fatigue and security analyst burnout resulting from the large volume of security sensor data. In the recent IDC InfoBrief “The Voice of the Analysts: Improving Security Operations Center Processes Through Adapted Technologies,” 350 internal and managed security service provider security analysts and managers shared their perspectives of the frontline SOC work.

The Reality of the Frontline SOC: 

  • False positives create alert fatigue for security analysts, impacting SOC effectiveness
  • Fear of missing incidents (FOMI) negatively impacts job satisfaction for security analysts and managers
  • Security analysts need advanced automation solutions and back up of experienced frontline defenders to reduce alert fatigue and increase effectiveness

Join Chris Triolo, VP of Customer Success, FireEye and Daniel Slack, Director of Mandiant Managed Defense, for a timely discussion on the reality of frontline SOC work. Chris and Daniel will share real-world examples from their experiences in the SOC while analyzing the results from the IDC InfoBrief.

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