CONTI continues to make headlines on attacks against healthcare organizations and international government agencies and other industries across the globe. To learn more about CONTI and other ransomware threats read Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Report on Keeping up with Conti.

Defend Against the Attackers’ Top Choice for Multifaceted Extortion

Ransomware attackers have intensified their attack campaigns by threatening critical infrastructure shutdowns, risking public health and safety, diverting vital public resources, disrupting educational institutions, and impacting data privacy.


Number of U.S. based governments, healthcare facilities and schools that were victims of ransomware in 2021.1

21 Days

Average downtime experienced from a ransomware attack.2




Suspected amount for ransomware payments in the first half of 2021, compared to $416 Million in all of 2020.3

Ransomware Attack Lifecycle

Ransomware Attack Lifecycle


How Mandiant Helps Address This Challenge:

Ideally, every organization should strive to catch a ransomware attack at its earliest stages to prevent deployment.  Early detection of the intrusion allows an organization to accelerate their response, minimize its impact and swiftly resume business operations. 

Mandiant has the unique ability to find the intrusions that precede ransomware deployment quickly and at scale.  

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Ready your cyber defenses against ransomware and multifaceted extortion campaigns. Mandiant can help you prepare your specific environment with the Mandiant Advantage platform and services, including threat intelligenceintelligence-led validation and security program assessments.  

The platform offers access to timely, relevant and easy to consume threat insights that accelerate security decision making to mitigate risk. You’ll gain visibility, evidence and confidence in your cyber readiness against ransomware through automated testing programs and  hands-on operational exercises that give you real data on how your security controls are performing. Our frontline experts can better prepare you and your team to mitigate threats, reduce business risk and lessen the impact of ransomware.

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Identify the activity that precedes ransomware deployment and activate mitigation strategies to avoid a major ransomware and multifaceted extortion incident.

With Mandiant Advantage, response readiness services and on-demand access to Mandiant cyber defense experts, security teams can identify active and past compromises quickly and stop attackers before they cause damage to their organization. Security teams get an early knowledge advantage through automated modules that identify critical indicators of compromise (IOCs). Managed detection and response services provide specialized expertise, such as integration of attacker research to detect malicious activity faster and the effective prioritization of mitigation efforts.

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Reduce the impact of ransomware and multifaceted extortion attacks with swift and decisive action.

Mandiant provides access to incident response experts so you can rapidly and effectively respond to ransomware and multifaceted extortion attacks. These specialists complete in-depth attack analysis, perform crisis management across the full attack lifecycle and help you recover your business operations after a breach.

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Charles Carmakal

SVP and CTO, Mandiant
Multifaceted extortion and ransomware is the most prevalent cyber security threat to organizations today. Direct financial gain is the motive for at least 36% of the Intrusions Mandiant investigated over this past year.

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