Move your security program from reactive to proactive

Attack Surface Management generates comprehensive visibility of the extended enterprise. The module uses the power of robust graph-enabled mapping to illuminate assets, alert on exposures, and enable security teams to operationalize intelligence with incredible speed and agility.

Attack Surface Management

Purpose-built to support dynamic, distributed IT and the most demanding security teams

Legacy attack surface tools designed before the cloud era support static work locations and a limited set of devices and applications running behind a network firewall. Attack Surface Management has the following advantages:

Map your environment

Create comprehensive visibility through asset mapping .

Discover assets and cloud resources using 250+ pre-built integrations and techniques. Identify partner and third-party relationships. Examine asset composition, technologies and configurations in the wild.

Monitor your assets

Know when assets change to stay ahead of the threat.

Monitor your infrastructure in real time to detect changes and exposures. Build a safety net for cloud adoption and digital transformation.

Manage your risk

Empower security operations to mitigate real-world threats.

Automatically apply Mandiant expertise and intelligence to your attack surface. Know what’s vulnerable, misconfigured, and exposed.

What Makes Us Different

Why Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management?


Asset Types Categorized

Broad asset visibility across your entire external ecosystem


Vulnerabilities Covered

Active and passive checks to confirm vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and exposure


Data Source Integrations

Automatically leverage discovery techniques and enrich assets

Attack surface management is a strategic approach to cyber defense

It has rapidly become a top enterprise priority because massive adoption of cloud, SaaS and mobile across a distributed workforce means an expanding, evolving and changing attack surface subject to an increasing number of sophisticated threats.

More code in more places

The explosion of cloud, SaaS, containers and microservices means more applications in more locations, each with unique security requirements and vulnerabilities.

So many devices, so little time

Employees are relying on mobile devices to perform their work. Organizations are adopting IoT devices and sensors to collect and exchange data.

Employees drive business operation practices

Any employee can introduce any of these elements - cloud, SaaS, mobile devices, random data storage - to the work environment with minimal governance.

Business relationships share assets and risk

Partners and supply chain vendors share responsibility for assets and are the target of highly sophisticated threat actor campaigns.


Attack Surface Management empowers digital innovation

Comprehensive asset discovery and risk mitigation help enable safe adoption of new technology and processes that speed innovation. You can better protect your perimeter and become more competitive.


  • Support remote hybrid work

  • Scale to your environment

  • Manage cloud computing & shadow IT

  • Embed governance in workflows

  • Build supply chain resilience

  • Extend security policy outside the enterprise

Getting Started

Everything you need to start implementing Attack Surface Management into your company security program. 

Register for free today and receive your login details to access Mandiant Attack Surface Management. 

Step 1: Register for Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management offers both free and paid subscriptions. To register, please provide a few details. 

Step 2: Create your account or login

After you register, you will receive an approval email, granting you access to the Attack Surface Management free version.  If you already have a Mandiant Advantage account, you will not need to create a new account or register again.   

Step 3: Select Attack Surface Management in the app switcher

Once in the Mandiant Advantage platform, click on the “app switcher” and choose Attack Surface Management to begin.

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